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Girls in Yoga pants – Leenks

The 5 Worst Things About Having an Alcoholic in Your Life – Linkiest

Kylie Jenner Is Hot On Vacation In Turks & Caicos – 12thblog

Here comes Bard, Google’s version of ChatGPT – VOX

Get atrunk organizer. It will keep all of your essential items stored neatly and visibly in your vehicle – Amazon

Quite possibly the most infuriating thing you’ll read this year – Grub Street

I never understood why veterinarians are at such a high risk of suicide. Until I became one – Slate

For Maximum Recharge, Take a Wednesday Off – Quartz

How to Destroy Your Friends and Family in 4 Popular Board Games – Popular Science

5 Tips for Becoming A Morning Person – Mental Floss

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