20 Mistakes Women Make While “Doing The Deed”

Almost every handjob I have ever received feels like I’m having my penis yanked out of its’ socket.

Easy with the bouncy bounce during reverse cowgirl.. Penis isn’t meant to fold in half

Going up too far when they’re on top, only to slam back down on your d@#k when it’s out. Been there, felt that pain.

Not doing ANYTHING

Lifting her hips up at the wrong moment, causing my thrust to re-target the exit lane.

When you’re giving a handjob you’re not milking a cow dont death grip it

The assumption that just because they’re there we should be rock hard…we need some warming up as well sometimes.

Don’t expect him to know what you want him to do without any hints or help.

Treating my d@#k like a trampoline when on top. It’s easy to get carried away I get it but in the blink of an eye, I could lose all I hold dear to me

Don’t pretend to enjoy it just for our benefit. If something isn’t working for you, communicate! Sex should be enjoyable for everyone involved and you don’t need to appease our ego if you’re not enjoying it. Sexual chemistry doesn’t always come right away, and the only way it can be built is if partners communicate what they like and don’t like to each other.

Don’t be afraid to tell us what you want. If you don’t feel anything in a certain position or angle of insertion, let us know and switch it up. It has the added benefit of extending our stamina when switching positions.

Not exactly during, but expecting guys to always initiate. Want your guy to feel desirable? Don’t want your guy to worry that you’re just sleeping with him every now and then to shut him up? Jump his bones.

Don’t try to discretely insert your finger in my asshole, we know what your up to, if you want to try it just ask

Acting self-conscious about their body. If we are there, and clothes are coming off, whatever flaws you have are likely irrelevant to us.

Positive reinforcement can go a long way.

I was wearing a condom and my ex thought it’d be funny to stretch the ‘reservoir tip’ and let go (like a rubber band). Wasn’t all that funny.

Quit asking, “When are you going to cum?”.

Ever been with a girl that just lays there? Yea that.


Think of a blowjob like sex. Yes sometimes it’s fun to go hard and not stop until climax. But it’s ALSO fun, going slow, playing and touching and rubbing. Not just sucking nonstop.

My balls are not stress toys, please don’t squeeze them so hard!

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