20 Movies That Will Soon Become Classics


“The Dark Knight trilogy”

“Ex Machina.

We are just starting to grasp the potential of Artificial Intelligence and I think that movie brings up a lot of questions that most movies don’t. We’ll look back and talk about how much of that movie was spot on.”

“Fury Road”

“Coraline. Terrifying and beautiful”

“The John Wick movies”

“Inception (It already is one)”

“Into The Spider-Verse. Hands down.”

“The Marvel movies leading up to Endgame will be our generation’s Star Wars”


“Cabin in the Woods”


“The Nice Guys for sure. Has cult classic written all over it.”


“Joker, like Taxi Driver, will achieve cult status.”

“Get Out”

“Gran Torino. I have so much respect for that simple movie, my kids will definitely watch it.”


“The Conjuring”

“Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.

Because it’s Tarantino.”

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