20 Overhyped Things That Ended Up Flopping…

“I still remember 3D TVs were supposed to be the next “technological leap” or something. Even the World Cup was broadcasted in 3D.

Then it just died out”


“Geraldo Rivera opening Al Capone’s safe on live tv. It was empty.”


“Crystal Pepsi”


“The 2018 Slender Man movie. I remember before it came out it had like a 92%, went to see on rotten tomatoes after it came out it got a 17%”


“Dan vs. Dave. 1992 Olympics in Barcelona. They were everywhere! Such a big marketing campaign. Then Dan didn’t qualify. Hard to explain what a big deal that was to most jr high boys at the time. Reebok literally had a super bowl commercial about the big rivalry.”


“Google+. It stayed in invitation only phase for way too long. By the time it was open to everyone, people forgot about it and it flopped.”


“‘Cats’ the movie. Based on one of the longest-running Broadway shows, with a star-studded cast, it should have been a hit. But then, well, people saw it.”

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“When the Segway came out I remember an expert on Good Morning America saying that they would design cities around it in the future, instead of cars.

Before it was called a Segway it was referred to as ‘the thing’ and new information about it was treated like f@#king nuclear codes.”


“The Dark Universe (The Mummy)”


“That one pizza party specifically in 5th grade”


“Fyre festival”


“I remember google glasses were supposed to be the next big thing but let me tell you I haven’t seen a single pair out in the wild”


“That David Copperfield special where he “made the statue of liberty disappear”. F@#k that s@#t.”

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“Area 51 Raid”


“Quibi. That streaming service with nothing over 10 minutes. Launched about 3 weeks after the world shutdown.”


“Atkins diet-esque food items at fast-food restaurants in like 2008 or whatever it was. They came and they went like the wind

I remember KFC tried to get in the game at the time by claiming their chicken was healthy because it was low in carbs. That went down like a lead balloon”


“The end of the world in 2012”




“As any good 80’s kid can tell you, New Coke…”


“The final season of Game of Thrones”


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