20 People Share Their Most Valuable Life Lessons

“Guy code: when greeting someone and you’re not sure if they’re a hugger, always shake their hand first… it allows them to throw up the other arm for a hug if they’re down for it.”

“If your friends help you move, you are expected to a) be packed already… And b) provide pizza and beer.”

“As a guy that lifts weights and has brought some of his other male (and two female friends) into the fold – you never, EVER, slander another person’s weight on any lift. If your friend is 250 pounds and only benches 135, but is trying his @$$ off – then you never make a sound other than howling intense encouragement at them.”

“The person who buys the shots, makes the toast. Too many times I’ve seen someone buy a round of shots, and someone else jumps in with a toast.”

“Dude if there’s like 8 open urinals DON’T TAKE THE ONE NEXT TO ME.”

“I will wingman any man. I don’t even have to know you. Hell, I’ll wingman any woman too. If you are trying to make an impression on someone you think you’ll hit it off with, call me. I love love and am always willing to help make it happen.”

“Girl code: if something is fixable within five minutes (make-up, something stuck in teeth, small things on appearance) you tell her and help her if needed, if it isn’t fixable on the spot, you keep your mouth shut and ESPECIALLY don’t point it out to others.”

“If I hear a girl say she needs a hair tie I will immediately hand one over, even if I’ll only have one left for myself.”

“Have your boy’s back in an altercation/fight/argument. I’m not saying 100% of the time step up for them, sometimes people do dumb s@#t and deserve the consequences. But if the need arises, you should have their back. Even if it just means stepping up beside them to look intimidating.”

“If you see another girl in an uncomfortable situation, you try to get her out of there or at least let her know that you got her back. I’ve done it for everyone, from my sister, to my friends to my friends moms. No one is too old or too young to do this!”

“You can have the last beer. You can have the last slice of pizza. You can’t have both.”

“If you see another girl crying in the bathroom of the bar/club/venue you’re at, you ask what’s wrong and try to help.”

“When guys fight, we never hit the groin.”

“You absolutely never share a glass of milk with another man.”

“Guy Code -If your drunk bro is about to cheat on his girlfriend, you must follow through with one intervention. If he says he doesn’t care, you did your part and are free from any responsibility.”

“Girl code- When a another girl asks how she looks, if you have something negative to point out do it gently and follow up with at least one or more positive.”

“In his home, you always call another man’s dog a good boy.”

“Bros before hoes, but not before wives. Sure it’s s#cks when a buddy has to stay home for a weekend camping trip, but if his wife’s sick and they have a 3 month old, it’s probably best that he keeps his family’s interests above your own haha.”

“Be generous with your closest friends. Buy them an occasional beer or their favorite soft drink without “keeping score” of whose turn it is to pay.”

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