20 Terrifying Abandoned Locations

“Abandoned Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Control Room”

“Vacant hotel at a wonderful lake”

“Abandoned lobster pound, Noth River, Marshfield Mass.”

“Abandoned School in Gary, Indiana”

“Abandoned School in the Midwest”

“Patch the roof and good as new.”

“So I found this hole on my property”

“The ghost village of Port, Donegal, Ireland, which the whole population deserted during the Great Famine.”

“Abandoned russian submarine. How did it got there ?”

“Polar bears at an abandoned Soviet weather station on Kolyuchin Island, Dmitry Kokh”

“The birds are sleeping. They will never take off again.”

“Somewhere in Montana”

“Abandoned church in the Midwest”

“Multimillion dollar amphitheater built by the state that was used for 2 seasons before closing over a decade ago”

“An abandoned observation tower at Coral island, Nassau, Bahamas”

“Abandoned 14th-century church turning into a ruin”

“Unfinished houses on the banks of Issyk Kul, Kyrgyzstan.”

“Abandoned water park”

“Abandoned Time Capsule Hidden Deep in The Forest in Ontario Canada”

“Streetcar called oblivion”

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