20 People That Are Trying Their Best

“I made ’pupcakes’ for my niece’s birthday. She loved them, and I hope they’ll be considered cute on the Internet too.”

“My husband is the type of guy who can tie almost any knot. But he struggled to braid our daughter’s hair. Today, I cleaned the house and found this. It seems he’s been practicing.”

“I just started learning how to make clothes. This is the first matching set I made.”

“We finished our new deck. It isn’t perfect but we learned a lot.”

“I decided to start a garden and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Here’s the pepper I grew myself.”

“I decided to learn how to weld. Here’s the first result.”

“I made my own birthday cake. And yes, it was my first attempt.”

“This was my first time really trying to take a good photo, and I’m pretty happy with the result.”

“I miss my favorite barista so much that I tried to recreate the bear-shaped latte art he used to make.”

“I’m a 13-year-old boy who will become an architect someday. This is my first attempt at drawing a modern house.”

“This summer was our first try at gardening. These are our tomatoes!”

“I’m spending Thanksgiving alone this year. I don’t usually cook for it but decided to try this year.”

“I’ve started to learn origami. Not the most impressive thing but I’m very happy with it!”

“The harvest was successful.”

“I learned how to make the crunch wrap from Taco Bell at home.”

“My son really wanted us to make homemade Halloween decorations. Well, here’s my first attempt.”

“My first attempt at making a pie shaped like a Jack-o’-lantern”

“I’ve never made anything out of wood before!”

“I made macarons for the first time and didn’t screw it up! The amount of research for the perfect recipes and tips paid off 100%.”

“I decided to try myself at drawing. Here’s my first piece.”

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