20 People That Gotta Pay More Attention

“When you checked everywhere, and then thought, “Well, I wouldn’t have put it in there for sure,” — and then, bam”:

“Made a small error while trimming the hedges in the yard…”

“Well… I’ll be sure to double-check the cap before shaking the bottle with oil next time.”

“I tried to show how hydro-dipping works and forgot to put on the gloves.”

“I sloppily styled my hair while it was slightly damp and forgot about it. Now, I’ve got a matted knot about the size of a ping pong ball, and it’s impossible to brush it out.”

“My brother left his phone on my mom’s car. This is the result after he managed to find it on the freeway the next day.”

“My dad got distracted and forgot to put the spacer back onto the shaver when cutting my hair.”

“I keep telling myself I need to buy a strainer.”

“I don’t know how, but I managed to put Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows into the washer with my clothes. Now, everything is covered in pulp and I lost a good book!”

“I somehow made chocolate chip cookies without chocolate.”

“I left an air horn on the dash of my car on a sunny day.”

“At least he’s not texting.”

“My mom accidentally left her mirror in front of the window one day. After coming back in the evening, she found this.”

“Remember to close your door before using an automated parking system.”

“I forgot that I left my laptop on the top of the truck. It flew off when I was on the highway. Maybe it’s possible to fix it?

“My sisters tried to make a sponge cake, but they forgot to add sugar, so we got a massive scone for dinner.”

“It turned out I used dishwashing liquid and not dishwasher detergent.”

“I forgot to close my car window for the night and found this inside the next morning.”

“Have you ever seen boiling pies? Or what pumpkin baby food might look like in a pie crust? No? Well, meet my pies, which I forgot to add eggs to.”

“I forgot to apply sunscreen, what could possibly go wrong?”

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