21 Awesome Woodworking Projects

“My workbench and tool storage is complete!”

“Final wood project I made at school. Didn’t use any screws or glue.”

“When you need a break from the chaos of the world…”

“Tough build for me but I finished it. Maple, Walnut, and Padauk entry bench.”

“Walnut and Oak bunk beds.”

“Just finished this massive wet bar today! My favorite piece I’ve ever done and one I’m most proud of. Took every bit of 3 months to build.”

“Made this to replace the stupid Lazy Susan cabinet.”

“Wanted to show off my new dining table I made. Tree came down in a storm over a year ago, milled, dried, flattened, tree to table.”

“End grain cutting board made from 157 pieces of black walnut, birdseye maple, and padauk.”

“9′ Hollow Wooden Longboard.”

“I just turned 20 and have been doing woodwork for about a year now. Just finished this cherry desk with blackened legs.”

“Melting wood effect im working on. Still needs some sandpaper love but very pleased with my first attempt.”

“Really happy with the way this Live Edge Elm table turned out as you can see on my face.”

“Made a coffee table. I think the proportions are perfect.”

“My 14-year old son built this coffee table for his sister and her boyfriend as a Christmas gift. It measures 28” x 42” and is made of red oak with red oak stain and polyurethane finish.”

“‘Splitting From The Norm’. A 16-year old from a local school has made an insanely awesome piece.”

“After 8 months of hard work I can finally call it DONE! Over 1600 hrs of work into one staircase.”

“My boyfriend needed a coffee table so together we build one.”

“I made Homer’s spice rack from the Simpsons.”

“I made an inexpensive desk.”

“I needed a shed and wanted an outdoor bar so I combined the two ideas. Still more to do but I’m really liking how it’s turning out.”

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