20+ People Who Live Their Lives To The Fullest

“I paint with my mustache for charity. Here’s my favorite piece so far.”

“My 90-year-old Nana and her 23-year-old cat love sending me goodnight selfies.”

“At 45 years old, I finally learned how to ollie.”

“My great grandmother’s sketches of her teachers. 1924”

“I got a surprise bracelet from 2 of the elementary school girls I drove for every day.”

“I painted a portrait of my dog Samurai with his favorite ball.”

“My 4-year-old nephew drew a very flattering portrait of me.”

“Burned my hand cooking and made it look better. I call him, Ryan Goose-ling.”

“I tried to make Ron Weasley out of peas.”

“I’m a lunch lady. Today the first graders gave us some letters to thank us for serving them food. This one was my favorites.”

The note reads: “Thank you for when I drop my food you give me a new food. Manoeli”

“A troll guarding a bridge near my town”

“My gummy frogs came with a tadpole.”

“A wooden carving of Shrek and Donkey in front of a house I saw.”

“Spent way too much time creating this unicorn during my run today.”

“I made a pueblo out of clay for my hamster.”

“I’ve spent the last 2 days turning this old record into a SpongeBob window.”

“The first selfie my grandpa took with his new phone”

“I think after graduating college I got a grasp on life. It’s never too late to find yourself and learn something new.”

“My dad changed his life around at 70 years old.”

“It’s been 6 months since my life changed completely. I’m feeling happy. We have only one life to enjoy.”

“New job, new ID”

“I’m 30 and I set a goal of being a first-time homeowner before the year ended!”

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