20 Photos Prove That Nature Can’t Be Stopped

“This tree decided to survive no matter what.”

“A tree regrows after the bushfires in Australia.”

“This little warrior lives by its own rules.”

“No limitations could stop this tomato from growing.”

“Steady, peaceful, graceful strength against adversity”

“When everyone thinks you are done:”

“You can find opportunity anywhere.”

“Home is where you make it.”

“You can conquer whole cities when you are persistent.”

“So strong and beautiful”

“How to accomplish the impossible:”

“No soil? No problem!”

“My girlfriend got me this lotion bar from LUSH which I think has coffee beans in it. Somehow it planted and grew in my drain.”

“These roots are stronger than rocks.”

“Potatoes after a 3-month absence”

“Nature can thrive in any environment.”

“Found 2 baby plants growing inside an old bullet in my yard.”

“These poppies will do anything to be closer to the sun.”

“Finding innovative solutions”

“Nature does not ask permission to take back what’s hers.”

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