The “Ugliest” Houses In Belgium

Blogger Hannes Coudenys took notice of all the hard-on-the-eyes Belgian houses standing proudly around his country. So, in 2012, he launched his Instagram account devoted to documenting the beastly abodes. Some of these houses might be ugly enough to dethrone the most hideous house on your block!

“Reminds Me Of ‘The Scream’ By Edvard Munch And That’s Exactly What I’m Doing”

“Go Home House, You’re Drunk”

“I’m Not Supporting This. Just Like Those Columns”

“Jesus Christ”

“Exsqueeze Me”

“The Roof, The Roof, The Roof Has Expired”

“I’m Stuck”

“Like A Rubik’s Cube You Can’t Solve”

“By Frank Lloyd Wrong”

“Keep Your Distance People”


“The Statue Of Misery”

“50% Shades Of Grey”

“House Xs”

“When You Discover There’s An Ugly Belgian House Under Your Ugly Belgian House”

“Please Restart Windows”


“Zip Up, I Can See Your Chimney”

“100% Real No Fake Doggo”

“If I Ever Shoot The Movie ‘Two Alfa Romeo’s & Julia’ I Know Where To Go”

“The Architect Had A Vision (Problem)”

“Nothing To See Here”

“When Your First Phone Was A Nokia”

“Stay Inside”

“We All Live In A Yellow Submarine”


“Welcome To My Sh#teau”

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