20+ Photos Show That Creativity Has No Limits

“My breakfast rusk had finger slopes for easy removal.”

“My grocery store stocks and labels ’pineapple upside-down cake’ upside down.”

“I finally finished this 1-line drawing and wanted to share it before I go to sleep.”

“My wife hired a foreman to oversee health and safety protocols when using power machinery.”

“This elevator has undo buttons next to the floor button.”

“I moved away and was going to miss her so I got a stuffed replica of her. Please tell me I’m not crazy for this.”

“This brand of swiss mineral water has a mountain of the Alps in the bottle.”

“Using swim goggles while cutting onions”

“It took me a minute to comprehend that my 5-year-old had invented new hands-free iPad technology…”

“Accidentally ate a piece of what turned out to be my parents’ anniversary cake. Had to improvise.”

“When payday is a week away, but you still have to go”

“My daughter made me a controller holder! It’s a box filled with stones.”

“An air freshener using a fan and a fabric softener sheet”

“My dish-washing video hat — it makes time go by much faster!”

“Sometimes, you have to improvise. Got this amazing pillow case for my birthday but didn’t have any pillows that fit.”

“This giant safety pin lamp is made from aluminum and 3D-printed parts.”

“I’m a beekeeper and I preserve natural pieces of honeycomb I find inside hives with resin and turn them into pendants and art.”

Source: brightside.me

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