20 Photos That May Be A Ray Of Sunshine Even On The Darkest Of Days

1. At 76, he volunteered to fight the fire

2. They became inseparable

3. ’’My 6-year-old son asked me if I could touch the clouds when I’m at work, so I showed him this.’’

4. ’’My autistic nephew never touches other children. He surprised us when he suddenly gave his cousin a kiss on the forehead.’’

5. ’’I work in Antarctica. I was minding my own business when this penguin wanted a selfie.’’

6. ’’Here’s my grandmother with me at 6 months and then 39 years later with my 6-month-old son. ’’

7. ’’This police officer came to my university and offered doughnuts to students studying for finals.’’

8. ’’Adopted an older kitty who had been returned to the shelter a few times.’’

9. ’’My mom saved my sweater from 1989. Here’s a side-by-side with my son wearing it today.’’

10. ’’I decided to go to college. This is the biggest endeavor of my life so far.’’

11. ’’My mother spent about 2 weeks making a puppet of my dad for his YouTube show.’’

12. ’’My coworker brought in her baby goat, Matilda.’’

13. ’’Best friends growing old together — here’s how my 20-year-old cat and dad spend their evenings.’’

14. ’’My buddy achieved his dream of bathing in cheese balls.’’

15. ’’20 years later, he’s all grown now, but to me, he’ll always be my baby brother.’’

16. ’’My dad and his friends broke the world record for the quickest marathon in a 4-person costume.’’

“They raised over $6,500 for a children’s charity.”

17. “I love being a vet.”

18. ’’They are best friends. She hugs him all day long.’’

19. ’’There was a house fire in my town today. This man saved the owner’s cat from the burning building.’’

20. Her first ride in 59 years.

Credits: brightside.me

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