The Coolest Husbands And Boyfriends In The World

“My Dog Passed Away Last Month And My Boyfriend Got Me Flowers In The Shape Of My Dog And I Am In Love”

“My GF Loves Fairytales So, To Propose, I Built Her A Fairytale Storybook With Secret Puzzles Inside”

“Made My Girlfriend A Custom Desk For Her Tiny Apartment So She Can Stop Working At The Kitchen Counter”

“My Mom’s New BF Literally Built Her A Wall To Display Her Collection”

“My dad used to get so mad every time my mom would come home with a new coffee mug (she likes to collect them). This is why we don’t settle for loser boys, ladies.”

“My Dad Surprised My Mom For Their 30th Anniversary And Had A Bench Dedicated To Her At The Park Where They Always Walk Together”

“Today’s My 25th Birthday, My Husband Is A Pastry Chef And Made Me A Cake”

“My Husband Is A Firefighter And He Built This Indoor Playhouse For Our Foster Children”

“I Made This Tree Skirt By Quilting My Daughter’s Old Baby Clothes For My Wife This Christmas”

“I’m a novice sewer and this was my first go at quilting. I’m kinda proud, to be truthful.”

“I Made My Girlfriend A Smart Mirror For Her Birthday”

“We Were In A Long Line At The Grocery. This Man Said He Had To Go Use The Restroom, But Instead He Secretly Bought Flowers For His Wife And Hid Them Behind His Back”

“My Boyfriend Told Me I Had To Come Home Late Last Night. Surprised Me With This”

“My Wife Asked For A Gold Bicycle. I Bought An Old 70’s Ross Kids Bike And Turn It Into A Low Rider”

“Fixed My Makeup After Ugly Crying From The Gift My Husband Gave Me”

“My Husband Made Me This When We First Started Dating”

“All the guys at his work were making fun of him at first until he was done and then they wanted him to make them one for their girlfriends. I just wanted to share his talent somewhere.”

“My Husband Built My Dogs A Dream Dog House”

“My Girlfriend Loves Giraffes – So I Made Her One”

“My Husband Had Rotator Cuff Surgery Yesterday. I Found This On Our Whiteboard This Morning And He Must Have Wrote It With His Non-Dominant Hand”

“My husband has taken pride in what he’s dubbed “Fresh Flower Friday” and hasn’t missed a Friday in almost six years. It’s the best bouquet he’s ever given me.”

“A Picture I Made For My Wife To Celebrate 10 Years Of Marriage”

“My Wife Needed A Background For Her Zoom Calls. So I Made This”

“He Has The Biggest Smile Right As He’s About To Give His Girlfriend Her Valentine’s Gift For The First Time”

“Something I Made For My Girlfriend. Been Practicing A Lot Since September And Here’s The Result”

“My 35 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift To My Wife”

“My Long-Distance Girlfriend Loves The Outdoors, So For Her Birthday, I Made Her An Automata”

“My Wife Wrote A Book, So For Her Birthday I Bound It”

“My wife wrote a novel over the course of the last 2 years. It’s the first book of a trilogy. For her birthday I got the idea to hand bind it so she could see what will one day be a printed reality in bookstores across the world!”

“My Boyfriend Made Me A Pretty Paperlamp With My Travellers In It”

“It’s My Birthday. My Husband Made Me A Blanket Fort In The Living Room, Bought Me A Season Of Bob’s Burgers And A Bottle Of Wine. He’s A Great Man”

“This Is What I Have Waiting For Her Instead”

“My wife got up at 2 am this morning to hike a mountain with some friends. She’s on her way home right now and probably thinks she’s going to have to immediately take over taking care of the kids so I can get my work done.”

“I Ran Out Of Way To Express My Love To My Girlfriend So I Started Learning How To Paint So I Could Paint For Her”

“A Blanket Chest I Made For My Future Wife, We Get Married On Saturday. Its Make Out Of Walnut Wood And Brass Plugs”

“I Made My Girlfriend A Huge Doll’s House As A Proposal”

“I Sent My Boyfriend The Post Earlier With The Taco Heart That Someone Made – This Was Waiting For Me When I Got Home From Work. I’d Say It’s A Darn Good Effort”

“Husband Built Me A Greenhouse For My Succulents. Much Needed When It Monsoons Every Single Day In Mobile, AL”

“I Made My Wife A Pensieve From Harry Potter For Her Wedding Gift”

“I glued a magnet to the tip of the wand. Each of the bottles also has a magnet glued inside the bottom. Again, the bottle sticks to the wand due to the aforementioned magnets. To anyone who thinks this may sound callous, getting attacked is kind of the point of Stingray City.  When you get in the water, they give you a piece of squid to hold onto.  This attracts the rays so they swarm you. It’s in Grand Cayman and super fun.”

“My Boyfriend 3D Printed Me A Wreath (We Are Going To Paint It Green And Red, Just Wanted To Show Off)”

“My Husband Made Me Something For My Desk”


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