20 Remarkable Thoughts That Emerged During Showers

“A lot of people have never sat in the backseat of their own car.”

“Everyone owns a toaster but you never see a toaster advertisement”

“In a decade our children will be asking how we survived before AI”

“Walking down a street at a same pace with a stranger is weirdly uncomfortable”

“Given how loud they can sing, we are lucky most birds are asleep at night.”

“Dalmatians and Firefighters quietly went their separate ways and no one really noticed”

“Peeling the potatoes isn’t the hard part. The real hard part is holding onto them during.”

“In the 30 years since Pulp Fiction was released a $5 milkshake has gone from ridiculously expensive to incredibly cheap.”

“Given how often wands are dropped in Harry Potter, it’s surprising they don’t have wrist straps fitted”

“The fact that Earth has almost 8 billion people and most of us struggle to find even 10 good friends doesn’t bode well for a society that depends on each other.”

“Red eyes in pictures quietly vanished from our lives”

“All relationships ultimately end in sadness – breakup, drifting apart or death”

“The Netherlands, The Netherworld, and the Nether Regions have nothing to do with each other.”

“There’s a 100% chance that you are present in the background of random people’s photos.”

“It does not matter if you are tall, short, skinny or fat, there is always someone who wants to bang you”

“We as a human race have accepted the fact that silverware needs no more technical advancement”

“Given the amount of web Spider-Man leaves behind, it’s surprising it is not widely replicated and sold”

“Vampires have no excuse to be poor because they’ve had eons to perfect the art of making money”

“No one ever thinks the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles smell bad, despite them living in the sewer.”

“A squirrels tendency to suddenly change direction while running make them look stupid to drivers, but that instinct is pretty brilliant for evading predators.”

“Locks only exist because some people are d#cks.”

“Most younger generations will never experience the joy of hidden tracks on an album”

“You and multiple strangers have eaten the exact same animal. You all just took different parts of it.”

“Dogs must really think we care about our toilets given it’s the only thing we mark as our territory multiple times throughout the day.”

“Once they figure out how to slow or stop the human aging process, retirement plans and prison sentencing will need to be completely restructured.”

“In the coming 50 years we need to figure out where to put 8 billion dead bodies.”

“Shelter is one of the most basic needs yet one of the hardest to acquire”

Source: www.reddit.com

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