20 Scenes Of Cinematic Beauty That Take Your Breath Away

These moments of visual perfection capture the essence of filmmaking at its finest.



“The scene where the private runs through the attack. Especially the moment where he gets knocked down then gets back up and just keeps running.”

A Time to Kill


“Matthew McConaughey’s closing argument. Chills. When the camera pans to the various characters and you see their reaction to his last line. It’s so simple, but it really summed up the entire case.”

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse


“The leap of faith scene. Enough said.”

Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King


“When Theoden and Rohan’s army crest the hill. The horns give me goosebumps to this day. The speech was immaculate.”



“When Denzel Washington’s character refuses to represent Tom Hanks, so Tom walks out of the office and just stands on the street. The look on his face is defeat, pain, and sadness. He’s just beaten down and exhausted. He doesn’t speak but his face says it all. And the music – Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Streets of Philadelphia’ – makes it that much more sad.”

Avengers: Endgame


“The portals scene. The music, CGI, acting, and just overall emotional moment definitely takes the cake for me.”

Fight Club


“The final scene with the Pixies song ‘Where is My Mind’. It’s a perfect song to sum up the twisted nature of a great film.”

Call Me By Your Name


“When Timothée Chalamet’s character is staring at the fire after his father has given the single most supportive and wise monologue of the film. In that extended shot, the entirety of the grieving process plays across the actor’s face.”



“When Rocky is running through the streets of Philadelphia and finally triumphantly runs up to the top of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The glorious ‘Gonna Fly Now’ plays in the background as Rocky raises his arms above his head. So memorable!”

Beauty and the Beast


“The ballroom scene. It was the first film I ever saw in the cinema and I burst into tears because I was so overwhelmed by the whole experience. That started a lifelong love of the cinema for me, and it’s still my favourite movie to this day. Even now, at 36, I cry every single time, absolutely overwhelmed with emotion, because it is just so beautifully put together.”



“The scene where Henry is taking Karen to dinner at the Copacabana. In one continuous shot, he walks her in the back way through the kitchen to a special table set up for them. I just love the way it’s filmed”

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off


“The parade scene is perhaps my favourite movie scene of all time. There’s just something so pure about the innocence of a teenage boy essentially hijacking a parade float for some grandstanding. Then ‘Twist and Shout’ fires up and escalates the scene to a spontaneous explosion of joy that envelopes the entire crowd.”



“The final three minutes. We all know what’s coming and there’s no dialogue, just the emotions coming from Kirsten Dunst trying to hold it in, Charlotte Gainsborough falling apart, and Cameron Spurr accepting fate. It’s stressful, heartbreaking, and breathtaking.”

There Will Be Blood


“‘I drink your milkshake.’ It’s perfect.”



“‘I’m Just Ken’ – it’s simply perfection.”

The Untouchables


“The courthouse scene toward the end is perfection. The suspense of the baby buggy bouncing down the stairs, Capone’s men trying to get a shot, and then Kevin Costner taking them out. SO GOOD.”



“When he’s giving the ‘victory’ speech after the Japanese bombings, Oppenheimer begins to experience the guilt that would plague him. The way it’s handled deserves kudos. Just a few sounds — a random scream, a tactile moment where he treads on the shell of a child’s body, and the hallucination of his supporters’ faces melting, are all that’s needed. That sequence haunted me for weeks. Beautiful cinematography.”

Apocalypse Now


“The scene with the helicopters where Wagner attacks the village.”

Moulin Rouge!


“The final scene in the theatre in which Satine is lying in Christian’s arms surrounded by rose petals. He’s sobbing, the cast and crew are quietly weeping, and then we pan over the closed curtain and the audience is clapping. It’s absolutely gorgeous, gut-wrenching, and perfect.”



“The opening scene to Jaws. It’s perfectly shot, highly atmospheric, absolutely terrifying… It’s INCREDIBLE.”


Source: www.buzzfeed.com

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