30 Remarkable DIY Fixes For Much-Loved Items

This owl lost his eye. Now he’s ready for the pirate life.

Some mended stairs.

My favorite shorts got too tight, so I added racing stripes to help me move faster.

A heavily repaired tunic that was recovered from Egypt. Estimated to be around 1,000 years old.

I had a hole in my sock and my six year old found a solution. I think I’ll keep it like this.

My bra started ripping in the middle. Decided to try my hand at mending it.

My 10 year old sewed the hole in my jeans.

Embroidered some flowers to cover the paint splatters.

A beautiful fix to a cat scratched couch.

I salvaged my very expensive Vaporeon from Build A Bear.

Patched a whole with Pac-Man and couldn’t resist adding the rest.

The perfect cover for a stain on the bra.

Never give up on your favorite pair of daisy dukes.

My mom patched our quilt that the dog got to.

It would have cost thousands to replace the broken tiles. I like this better.

A patched chair.

Each pigeon marks where a moth-hole once was.

A planter that looks like Frankenstein’s monster.

There was a small stain on my favorite dress. I turned it into a statement piece.

Honestly, looks so much better than duct tape.

Some soot sprites solved the problem.

I go to a welding school and people always through away gloves with one or two holes. I’ll never have to buy another pair again.

My son was in a motorcycle accident and the EMT’s had to cut through his favorite shirt. I decided to save it for him.

Moved into a new apartment and kinda love the repair job the old tenants did.

Covered up a bleach stain with a little sheep.

The cushion pad fell off my headphones, so I crotched it back on.

Stitched up my granddaughter’s stick unicorn.

It’s all fun and games until someone tries to help you out by peeling the bandaid off your jacket.

I thought the bleach stain kinda looked like a crocodile so…

Tried that stain glass soldering technique on my broken desk lamp.

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