20 Things That Decided To Amuse Us Suddenly

1. A wombat’s fingers look almost like a human’s hand.

2. A giant tooth with its roots

3. “My pepper looks like a fist.”

4. “This golf ball inside a log I found.”

5. “Unusual tap in my hospital room.”

6. “This banana has no curvature.”

7. “This urinal has a mini-game.”

8. “The tiny armrest I had on my flight.”

9. “Someone has been knitting bird legs for all the street signs in my town.”

10. “I found a very small frog.”

11. “This unusual sign I found in the woods.”

12. “I had a quadruple mini-banana this morning.”

13. “A tree stump that looks like a screaming soul.”

14. “Morning frost surviving sunrise by hiding in shadows at the school playground.”

15. “I found a traffic light man with shoes on.”

16. “Printed a Sisyphus statue to push my TP up a shelf for all eternity.”

17. “Water froze in my fire-pit cover and made this wreath!”

18. Not just a drawing, but a pillow contrast drawing

19. “It could’ve been an ordinary letter if they didn’t send it 8 times on the same day.”

20. “This tree looks like Batman taking a selfie.”

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