20+ Weird Finds That Surprised Us Today

“Discovered a piano…in the middle of a hiking trail.”

”My province recently unveiled its new ’World’s Largest Cheeto.’”

“I found a soft, fuzzy car in Reno. How do you even keep it clean?”

“The building in Detroit being built from the top down”

“This phone-box has a defibrillator in it.”

“A ’no skateboarding’ sign that offers an alternative”

“I drove by a training school for telephone linemen.”

“I found a $100 movie prop bill on the ground today.”

“Woke up this morning and saw that my curtains had coincidentally formed a camera obscura.”

“The leaves are changing exactly where the morning sunlight hits.”

“An entire functional wall clock purse”

“A spider made a nest inside a fake spider in my Halloween graveyard.”

“Took a bite of my apple and it’s red inside.”

“These picnic tables with swings for seats”

“Been going to the bathroom for 48 years…never saw anything but a straight perforation before.”


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