21 Homes That Were Turned Into Coolest Lairs Ever

“Took 3 months to pull this together. Finally have my very own balcony oasis in Toronto.”

“Before & after of my bedroom office space”

“I think it’s been a fairly simple solution, but it works so wonderfully well.”

“I made over my friend’s studio apartment. It’s also the first time anyone asked me to design their home.”

“Adding built-ins to our big bare living room made a HUGE difference.”

From a dirty looking area to a nice pool with a pleasant view

“My ‘budget’ kitchen renovation”

Creating the most comfortable place for the best companion

“Kitchen update on a budget”

“I gave my nan’s caravan a makeover.”

“Laundry renovation complete, gamer style!”

“An almost finished garage converted into a living room”

My backyard renovation makes it look more luxurious.

“Small DIY backyard update”

Old 1930s staircase turned into a modern one

“Renovation of my friends dealership: We put a lot of hours into this one!”

“I completely renovated my tiny little kitchen with hardly any money, equipment, or skills.”

“My project: a DIY home gym in my basement”

“Decided to remodel my laundry room.”

“We converted a storage ’structure’ into a backyard office.”

“In the process of building my dream home. This is the view from the kitchen today.”

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