25 Awesome Comparisons Of Places: Then VS. Now

“My Great Great Great Grandpa’s homestead cabin from when he immigrated from Norway to America. Circa 1920s and 2020.”

“L’Hopital Maritime near Zudycoote during the Dunkirk Evacuation in 1940 vs. in 2009.”

“Belfast City Center with Security Cage – 1970s – 2014.”

“The former island of Urk – The Netherlands.”

“Mission San Fernando Rey de Espana, Mission Hills (Los Angeles), CA. Late 1800’s vs. Today.”

“Taal Volcano, Philippines. Before and after the eruption..”

“The Church of the Redeemer in 1879, the year it opened and how different the well traveled intersection looks today at Avenue Rd and Bloor. “

“Crail High Street 1930’s – 2020”

“Köln Domplatte, Germany, 1945 – 2011.”

“Marketplace in Lemgo, Germany. 2020 vs 1972.”

“San Diego, California: 1927 vs 2020.”

“Hughenden Manor, Buckinghamshire. 1890s – 2020. “

“The changing face of St Bartholomew-the-Great’s gatehouse in Smithfield, which was built in 1595 and some point bricked over. It was bombed during a WW1 Zeppelin raid knocking off some bricks revealing its Tudor half-timbered facade. It was restored to how it looks today. 1916 VS Now.”

“Kilmarnock, Scotland, then and now.”

“Pripyat, Ukraine, 1986 – 2016”

“The Banyan tree in Maui. Top photo taken by my grandfather while he was stationed there during WWII.”

“Zurich, 122 years differences.”

“Wartime on Park Street, Central Bristol.”

“Buenos Aires, Argentina: 1917-2020”

“North side of Chicago, IL. 1890 vs. 1920.”

Nieuwmarkt – Amsterdam.

“Terminal Tower, Cleveland, USA.”

“Brookfield Illinois, Grand Ave and Prairie 1953 and now.”

“An alley in the Casbah of Algiers, Algeria. 1905 vs 2016 (111 years difference!)”

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