21 Things That Look Kinda Cool

“I create roses from strips of dried acrylic paint.”

“The Quantity difference in wins vs losses in $1000 worth of scratch-off tickets.”

“My Toblerone broke in the wrong place.”

“The insides of a movie theater screen.”

“Very ornate doorknobs in my new apartment.”

“A carpeted indoor pool for the kids to play in.”

“I found a little pocket sewn inside my new jeans.”

“The hotel I’m staying at has a tiny door that says “John Malkovich”

“My Dad uses a pasta sauce lid as a lens cap for his camera.”

“American food section in a supermarket in Ireland.”

“Aisle of Death & Aisle of Life at a Hardware store.”

“My grandma’s collection of 544 different cookie cutters that she has been expanding for 50+ years.”

“A cheese vending machine in a mountain village in Switzerland.”

“Bathroom stall door with no crack in between.”

“The ceiling of my local deli is covered with milk crates.”

“Gigantic home grown garlic clove!”

“Instructions for me new chair specifically ask me to behold.”

“Fake game boxes in an IKEA showroom.”

“This sign I found has a translation for dogs.”

“This floor tile at LaGuardia Airport has a house key embedded in it.”

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