32 Photos Prove That We Live In A Matrix

’’I found this on Google Maps. Please explain.’’

“The phone camera glitched out, making the arm disappear as a result.”

’’I got to play with a pixel stick tonight and the batteries ran out, creating this glitched rainbow.’’

’’I somehow managed to take this photo at the exact moment the balloon popped, so it looks like a balloon ghost.’’

’’This photo I took of Christmas ornaments looks like I have some kind of effect on it.’’

’’A camera glitch makes this car look like it has 6 wheels.’’

’’The composition of this photo makes my dad’s tiny red snapper look gigantic.’’

’’I found my rug in the ’Call of Duty’ map.’’

“The glitch in the Matrix this afternoon that caused trees to only be partially rendered.”

“I went to the arcades earlier and got a guard of honor from some seagulls.”

“Clouds are not rendering in.”

“2 broken clocks in 2 different kitchens — they stopped at the same time!”

“No idea how this happened!”

“She looks tired after escaping from the Matrix.”

“The orange has a seam.”

“Simulated pathways”

“A carrot in my garden spawned upside down.”

“Why wouldn’t you make the ’A’ the shoe?”

“Ah, yes, I do want to incline north-west.”

“A real-world texture glitch”

“My dog and his shadow decided to spend some time apart.”

“Enormous moth or clean window?”

“I can confirm it’s one dog. When my mother sent me the pic, I gasped.”

“The crab that looks like a cookie.”

“A floating orb from nowhere”

Credits: brightside.me

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