21 Weid Passenger Shaming Photos You Can’t Unsee

“Me getting cute for the weekend like…”

When you try to play camping on the plane:

An unplanned slumber party

There was no need…

He was definitely unable to sit in the emergency exit row.

“Bring your pet onboard” day

Kids are out of control.

We hope he was good with the flute.

When you have goals and will do whatever it takes to accomplish them:

We’re not sure whether this is genius or rude.

…and, least of all, positive pregnancy tests on a plane.

“Would you ever lay on the floor of an airplane?”

The pizza was too cold…

The hero of many travelers

Some would love to…

Summer’s coming

When you want to feel comfortable during a long flight:

When you can’t wait to be at the beach:

Please don’t ever forget your false teeth…


Artificial nails…

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