22 Movie Franchises That Never Knew Where To Stop

“Karate Kid”

“The Mighty Ducks

D2 was sooo good, but 3 was just nowhere near the same level”

“Free Willy, 1 was great, 2 was like ok they caught him again, but 3 was absolutely horrendous, for Willy to be caught on a safari in Africa has to one of the worst storylines ever.”

“Home Alone”

“Preemptively adding Frozen to this list, because I know Disney too well.”

“The Addams Family. Family Values was great. The third one with almost none of the original cast? We don’t talk about that one…”


“Ice Age, probably could have stopped at 1.”

“POV: You are looking for people saying “Sam Raimi’s Spider-man””


“Robocop. I loved the first 2, but the third was garbage. I also didn’t like the remake.”

“The Fast and the Furious franchise.

I mean three was technically a spin-off that was alright and then it got even more silly with 4 and so on.

But those first ones were great fun in their time and the first is actually quite a good movie and plot.”

“Shrek. There was just no way to beat Shrek 2.”

“Poltergeist Sure probably after 1, the second had moments, but after that it became a giant mess and Heather O’ Rourke died.”

“The Hangover”

“Unpopular opinion: The Matrix. Honestly maybe even after 1.”


“Taken – Decent enough movie. Taken II – Ok, not bad. Taken 3 – Why? Why would anyone do this?”

“Superman with Christopher R”

“Pitch perfect”

“The sequel is not even out but Boss Baby.”

“The Mummy. The first two focused on ancient Egyptian history & mythology; number 3 suddenly takes place in Asia? Huh?!”

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  1. Eric Birkeland

    Highlander 2. The Quickening. Highlander 3. The Sorcerer

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