22 Photos That Will Make Any Perfectionist Cringe

When the lecture is really interesting, but all you can think of are those black and white stripes on the lady’s T-shirt.

The #ocdnightmare hashtag fits here just perfectly. Unlike this manhole cover…

How on earth does it all function?

One of the slots on this fork is bigger than the others.

Someone has a very peculiar manner of serving brownies.

Good heavens! This looks so annoying!

They lost their patience.

That rare case when an ad in a magazine doesn’t look perfect…

One of those bricks is upside down.

The pattern is the same, but the colors…

Why? Why wouldn’t they turn it just a tiny bit?..

And now it’s time to soothe your eyes with something beautiful and satisfying!
These tic-tacs aligned just perfectly.

So much beauty in one coffee cup!

Every yogurt lover’s dream

What a pleasure it is to look at those colors!

Every single rock is in place.

This snowball is perfectly round.

Nature is the best artist, isn’t it?

The way this pasta keeps its spherical shape is just amazing.

Honeycomb is the best example of symmetry and order.

We could look at this camellia flower forever.

Perfect gradient in a glass of latte

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