Wednesday , 18 September 2019

24 Hilarious Design Fails


“Watching My Walmart Cashier Struggle to Simply Spell “Water””

“The cat just trapped me in the bathroom by opening a drawer..”

For those who aren’t already being burned alive.

This kid’s hands…

“This is a pull door, not a push door.”

For some reason, Australia has replaced Greenland and Iceland.

Pass me the herpes mug.

That’s not right.

The perfect height for a kid’s bathroom.

These rocks are cemented into the sidewalk.

“Nearly died carrying a box down these basement stairs”

Great place for a light switch.

“Me and my gf were struggling with this maze we got when watching the pikachu movie. We checked the solution in the back and they drew through a line…”

“On my 10 year old sister’s socks…”


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