22 Situations That All Of Us Hate

“We all know its BS but we still keep buying it! They cover the ends so you cant see how thin it is!”

“A $6.95 E-mail Delivery Fee.”

“Full screen ads block restaurant menu every 2 minutes.”

“Telling you your paper has plagiarism and then making you pay (btw I checked it somewhere else and it doesn’t).”

“My TV started showing ads.”

“I bought “six” bath bombs..”

“I’ll just make the box really tall so it looks like there is extra product.”

“The Mall playground my son plays at was replaced by a “pay by the minute” sand pit.”

“Hulu puts ads on the pause screen so i couldn’t read the words. $6 a month so i can look at a bear wiping its butt.”

Full floss container vs empty floss container.

“Seriously, these fake bills that are solicitations should be illegal already.”

“SiriusXM can go straight to hell.”

“5 different cancellation screens later the scare tactics begin.”

“They just grayscaled the picture.”

“Titanium pedal pads made from Aluminum.”

“Sony’s headset $100 is rendered useless if you lose the dongle it comes with. I lost the dongle and they don’t sell a replacement. When used with AUX cord they turn off and become very expensive normal headphones.”

“Well f*ck you too, Tinder.”

“This restaurant prompts the tip screen and after you tip your receipt reveals an 18% service charge. This is not stated in the menu.”

“This e-mail to tell me some shoes I wanted went on sale.”

“The article says that the announcement was that he wasn’t going to quit…”

“Had me do a 30 minute long survey to just have me pay at the end to see results.”

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