When Food Serving Gone Wrong

“The picture looked good. I ordered the pancakes. Expectation and reality did not match.”

“While in the Dominican Republic my wife and I ordered a Caesar salad… This is what we got.”

“My husband said he wanted to eat as if he were at an expensive restaurant. Voila!”

“Ordered eggs Benedict in a cafe and received this monstrosity.”

“I ordered a ‘grilled cheese with ham.’ Am I supposed to make the sandwich myself?”

“Ordered mac and cheese from a fancy Italian restaurant on my street and got this, which I’m pretty sure is a hate crime.”

The amount of carrots and red cabbage in this bag of coleslaw.

“Ordered a galette in what seemed like a decent café. This is what arrived. How do you like the amount of bacon?”

“I expected anything but a CAN!”

“So I ordered an ice cream sandwich in Thailand… This is what they gave me.”

What’s the point of being eco-friendly when it’s not user-friendly?

A “fruit cup” that has one orange.

“I live in the Netherlands. Ordered a pizza with lettuce…”

“My high school senior ‘breakfast’ that I paid $15 for.”

“Oh, girls, I made a huge Chinese dumpling, here’s my simple recipe: one pack of dumplings + a bad fridge.”

“Dinner at a corporate Christmas party… Mashed potatoes, roast beef, and peas in a martini glass.”

Uhm… What is this?

“How about this little food critic? He smelled my food and started digging it, as if it were his litter box. Not the best start to a meal.”

Bonus: When reality is way better than your expectations.

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