23 Retro Flight Pics From The ’70s That Make Us Wish for Time Travel

A collection capturing the groovy and carefree spirit of air travel in the 1970s.

“My dad, probably 1970s. This is my favourite photo of him.”

“Pacific Southwest Airlines Stewardesses from the 70’s.”

“My grandmother getting off a plane in the 70s.”

“Economy class flying in 1970.”

“70’s Vintage Airline Stewardess.”

“My dad on a 70s plane going to a conference/jolly-up (he’s nearest the camera).”

“Iran Air flight attendants in the 1970s.”

“First class on a United flight, 1970.”

An American Airlines advertisement from 1971.

“Led Zeppelin (Early 1970s).”

“The piano bar in the back of an American Airlines flight in the 70s.”

“Chilling and smoking mid-air in the 70s.”

“Air Canada installed a dance floor in 1972 for their transatlantic flights in an effort to attract more passengers that wanted to dance and enjoy music at 30’000 feet.”

“Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant, Late 70s.”

“Elvis Presley & Linda Thompson boarding a plane mid 70’s.”

“My flight attendant mom getting some oxygen for her hangover (70s).”

“Economy seating on Pan Am in the 70s.”

“These Vintage Photos of flight Stewardesses 70’s.”

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