23 School Lunches That Doesn’t Look Good

“What is this, dog food?”

“My schools “philly cheesesteak”

“This is supposed to be a hamburger”

“School lunch is going to give me COVID-20”

“School gnocchi”

“I’m tempted to call the health department on their, “Grilled Chicken Sandwich””

“Beans & maccaroni”

“Cheese and tomato bagel from my college cafe.”

“Salad in a bag served at my school.”

“This hotdog my school was selling for £1.85”


“My girlfriends school served this to her today. Literally looks like s@#t.”

“Mmm. School Cheeseburger”

“My school lunch. Paid $3.25 for this.”

“Yummy hot dog”

“Mashed Potatoes, Corn, and Gravy all in one LAUSD food”

“School lunch (this is cheese, paprika and a ton of vinegar judging from the smell)”


“Pretty sure my school just took a s@#t in a cup and served it to me”

“High quality school canteen food”

“Cheese Sandwich”

“Ladies and gentlemen. My school lunch. (Tasted worse than it looks)”

“This ‘pizza’ almost made me throw up”

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