24 Awesome Disney Products You’re Gonna Want This Holiday Season

A Baby Yoda night-light that, for lack of a better term, will become your *guiding light* as you make your way through your hallway in the middle of the night when you’ll inevitably have to pee.

A book filled with poster art you may recognize from the Disney Parks throughout the years — finally, a coffee table book you’ll actually want to flip through instead of just leaving it on display.

A Disney Princess version of Candy Land that’ll make game night more magical than ever. However, be warned, a fight may break out between you and your siblings over who gets to play as the Rapunzel piece.

A pack of Frozen 2 instant film, so the next time you and buddies take selfies they’ll have a lovely wintry feel to them that’ll look *so* good when you hang ’em up on your cork board.

A Nightmare Before Christmas mini cross-stitch kit to keep you busy for a bit and leave you with a spooktacular piece of art for your home.

A set of LED light saber chopsticks that’ll make all of your at-home sushi dinners feel like a night out at the Cantina (but without all the gambling and violence).

A Mickey Mouse-themed pet bed, so your furry friend can get in on the Disney magic — and why shouldn’t they???

A felt storage bin with subtle die-cut Mickey Mouses on the side you can use to store things like Disney Funko Pops when they’re not out on display, your collection of ear headbands, or the many (many) scrapbooks you’ve made of all of your Disney adventures. The options are limitless.

A do-it-yourself castle rhinestone art piece featuring tons of tiny gems that’ll come together to make a dazzling display of Disney magic.

Or a glittery Mickey Mouse wall decal so you can jazz up your walls with glitz and glam without having to actually craft it yourself (DIY is not for the weak, AKA me).

A Haunted Mansion board game that’ll take you on a journey through the rooms from the classic ride. The goal? Collect Ghost cards to earn points while also paying tribute to your favorite part about visiting Disney.

The Unofficial Disney Parks Cookbook, perfect for anyone who would basically give their kidney away if it meant being able to chow down on a Dole Whip right about now.

A small treat jar covered in Dalmatian puppies that’ll be perfect for storing your dog’s snacks in and probably make the “Kanine Krunchies” jingle pop into your brain each time you look at it.

A Groot planter you can keep on your desk and fill with succulents or pens — not *quite* as exciting as hopping aboard Guardians of the Galaxy Mission: Breakout but it’ll do for now.

Decals of Jaq and Gus to place at the bottom of any wall to make it seem like they’re off to save Cinderelly or snack on some corn kernels — any Disney fan will appreciate this subtle decoration.

A Baby Yoda magnet for any household who is tired of asking each other, “is the dishwasher clean or dirty?” before rummaging through the cabinet for a mug.

A playful stand you can use to transform your Amazon Echo Dot into Baby Yoda — gadgets deserve to get in on the fun, too.

A set of princess shot glasses you definitely need on-hand if you and your pals have been planning to spend your winter break playing a Disney Princess drinking game. Take a shot each time a Princess interacts with an animal! Sip your drink when a character breaks out into song!

A stylish statement clock to ensure you’re never rushing around your home exclaiming “I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date!”

A throw pillow cover you can snuggle with while your enchanted silverware *sings you off to sleep as you digest* which honestly sounds quite lovely to me (not that you asked, but here we are).

Nightmare Before Christmas-themed wooden spoons that’ll have any chef saying “well, well, well, what have we here?” with delight each time they grab one to stir a sauce.

A Chia Pet that’ll let you raise your own precious foundling with love and care — just like Mando with Baby Yoda.

A postcard box filled to the brim with special Disney illustrations starring your favorite characters — perfect for hanging up as decor or for utilizing as a last-minute birthday card.

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