The Most Popular Rustic Features For Stylish Ottomans

Designing any room in your rustic home can be a challenge, especially with all of the affordable options available to you. Regardless of what room you are furnishing, one of the staples of any stylish rustic living space is the ottoman. Ottomans are an important part of your overall room décor due to their versatility and multifunctionality.

Ottomans can be used in conjunction with accent chairs, a bench, and a sofa to create a conversation circle. People are no longer interested in superficial gatherings, ditching them in favor of intimate dinner parties and game nights. (Real board and card games, not video games.)

You can also place an ottoman or two at the foot of the beds in your home to offer a place to sit while changing clothes or getting ready for the day. Getting storage ottomans will give you even more functionality with hidden interior storage.

Beyond these considerations, there are some features that all popular ottomans of the rustic style have in common.

Natural hides, leathers, furs, woods, and organic materials in general

Sustainable and organic materials are being demanded by consumers in almost any category of goods, including everything from furniture to wardrobes and beyond. But the rustic style has always embraced these natural textiles.

The most sophisticated rustic spaces use tufted and/or nailhead leather ottomans, while a den or the front room of a hunting lodge might be decorated with ottomans of natural woods and real animal hides.

If you want to keep the natural-materials theme throughout your rustic home, you can also look for natural fabrics and textiles like rattan, cotton, linen, and silk. Ottomans that are made with exposed wooden legs reinforce the rustic feel of your home. This is a good way to blend the rustic flavor with more modern furniture tastes.

Nailhead ottomans are the best for sophisticated rustic styles

Saying that an ottoman is of the nail head design simply means that the leather or other upholstery is nailed down with metal furniture tacks that are easily seen and part of the overall design and aesthetic of the piece. Nailhead ottomans can be made of any type of upholstery, and they can also be tufted for more sophisticated spaces. Weathered ottomans are also a big draw for rustic dens and living rooms.

Incorporating the southwest style

The southwest style is one that is often referred to when thinking about rustic interior design. The southwest design style incorporates earthy and rust-colored tones, with muted browns, reds, oranges, and yellows. There are a lot of ways that these hues can be incorporated into your living room or bedroom furniture.

When you are looking at the southwest style, don’t dismiss the fabric poufs available to match the rest of the set. While poufs aren’t technically ottomans, they do count and they can be used in the same way as the ottomans mentioned above.

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