24 Countries Around The World Reimagined As Guests At A Party

Spain is not even at the party yet because we’re always late.

Hungary. Already passed out drunk.

Switzerland: schmoozing and mingling but not committing to anything.

Poland. In the corner with Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, drinking vodka and fighting each other.

Norway. Either binge drinking and being violently friendly or nipping on some ice water while looking down on everyone. Probably both.

I’d say Germany would complain about the taste of the beer.

Argentina is either playing football in the backyard with Brazil or aggressively telling whoever’s at the grill how to cook a steak.

Half of Canada is drinking itself into a blinding coma while the other half is handing out water and offering rides home.

UK: Leaving

Sweden. Standing in a corner but moving to another one as soon as someone dances within a 3 meter radius. Drinking a bit too much, not talking to strangers, not voicing any opinions unless it’s about other Nordic countries. Generally being a statue, but an alcoholic statue.

Greece. I guess a lot of sex, wine and questionable financial decisions that will ruin us the morning after.

Singapore. At the door charging people to enter, then raising the price out of nowhere.

South Africa- we’ll be outside having a braai (grilling meat over a fire), drinking all the booze while yelling at each other and stealing everything on the property that isn’t nailed down.

India. That uncle dancing inappropriately in the middle of the dance floor.

USA. Chugging beers and trying to smash a foldable table by jumping on it. “hold my beer”

Brazil would probably be the last one to leave the party. Most likely wouldn’t clean the mess.

Turkey. Giving out free bags of tea.

Mexico wasn’t invited, but we snuck in anyways, and brought some friends with us. We didn’t show up empty handed, some tequila and Carne asada and elote to grill and take over, tossing the hot dogs and burgers the US forgot they brought.

Netherlands. Selling weed and bringing prostitutes.

I guess France would surely start protesting, smashing objects and lighting fires.

New Zealand – binge drinking into oblivion.

Ireland attempting to drink America under the table (Most likely winning)

Philippines. Most likely drinking Corona beer, eating really unhealthy food and singing karaoke, specifically, Frank Sinatra’s “My Way”.

Russia: Shows up already vodka-drunk, insults the host for having substandard caviar at the refreshments table, shoves Ukraine into the swimming pool, and wrestles a bear.

Pakistan: not drinking

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