24 Husbands Who Give It Their Best

My husband made orange rolls. To keep it interesting, one of these has nacho cheese on it.

My husband put the candles really close together

My husbands first time wearing sandals since starting his new asphalt job…

This gal said she wanted a 2 carrot ring for their anniversary and this is what she got

I love decorating for the season.

Love my #applewatch that my husband bought me for Christmas.

Dont cut your pizza like this !!! I can kill my husband now!

My husband and I finally talked his dad into upgrading from his iphone4. It was a tough battle but now we can finally put this bad boy to rest.

While my husband was at the store today I asked him to pick up some tampons.

I asked my husband how long the kitchen table is. This is what I got.

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