24 People Talk About How Much Money They Make At Work

“Air Traffic Controller. Around $100k”

“Litigator. $225k”

“Manager of a Cannabis Dispensary $17hr”

“I’m a line cook / manager for a busy restaurant, and I get paid $19 an hour +tip share + profit share from two recipes of mine on the menu.”

“Wendy’s Crew Member, $9 normal hours, $10 when I close. If I become an ambassador I could make $12 an hour but that’s a lot of work. I work the grill usually and they say I’m the best at it not including the managers and one of the ambassadors.”

“Medical Coder – make $31/hr, about 65k annually.”

“I work in a steel mill that heats steel bars to a certain hardness. I get paid 18$ an hour and so far we haven’t had anyone die for a year (that’s a record)”

“Paraprofessional at an elementary school in a classroom with students who have autism. I get paid $19.70 an hour plus a $70 monthly stipend for helping the kids with toilet duties.”

“Private jet captain. Varies with overtime, but this year will be around $360k.”

“NYC roll off dumpster driver under a Teamster union contract. $40 an hour in January + medical and pension paid 100% by my employer. There’s guaranteed overtime too, so gross around $130k + the other perks. We also get a 100k severance payout the day we retire. I have a bachelors in business, but fell in love with being outside all day. I also sell scrap metal if I can collect it and I have a thriving eBay business from other things I find in the dumpsters. Made another 20-25k doing that on the side.”

“Professor, Stem. ~$85-105k per year depending on grants I bring in.”

“I do research with brain cells, HIV, cocaine, and fentanyl. $29,500/year aka ~$14/hr. Yes I’m sad that this is what a Master’s degree got me.”

“I work at a recycling plant, I get $35 an hour to stand at a conveyer belt picking out glass”

“Entrepreneur, negative 10k per year”

“Walmart stocker, $15/hour, about $20k a year.”

“Virtual assistant $4 an hour”

“Nightclub Director. Las Vegas. 100k base. 100k tip pool. 150k performance bonus.

And the other perks”

“I’m head of HR and Finances at a national political party (non-US). I make about 60k a year (before taxes).”

“I’m a librarian and I earn right around $100K with full benefits.

But I’m in the Bay Area, and that’s with a Master’s Degree + 15 years of experience. So it’s not all that impressive in context.”

“Litigator. $225k”

“Vet tech, $15/hr in Utah. Getting a raise later this month tho!”

“Professional Theatre Actress. Current job $568 a week before taxes.”

“Nuclear plant electrician 50 an hour, 130-150k a year depending on Ot/bonus. Moving into an operations role in the plant soon”

“Emt 15/hr”

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