19 People With Hidden Talents

“I ’grow’ copper on my clay jewelry with electricity.”

“A tree armlet that I made with copper wire and a labradorite gemstone. It took me about 2 hours.”

“I made a gingerbread version of my family’s house.”

“This fall-themed charcuterie board my mom and I made.”

“A commission I completed recently!”

“Lego table I made for my living room.”

“My mom bakes my son’s birthday cake every year and decorates it based on his parties’ theme. This year was bigfoot!”

“My 11-year-old kiddo doing what she loves. She’s been working on this one since this afternoon.”

“I did Hocus Pocus nails today. All hand painted.”

“Things I make from avocado pits.”

“My sister and I worked together to try to win her dorm pumpkin carving competition.”

“I fashioned a Homer Simpson out of wood and stuck it in my bush.”

“I painted on an old hand mirror.”

“I just landed my first solo exhibition as a professional artist!”

“Went a bit mad putting in the details. Took me 3.5 weeks to finish this painting.”

“Awesome dining table I made.”

“Really proud of this little pup I made out of wool, hope you like it!”

“I drew Hokusai’s The Great Wave artwork on my room wall 2.5×2.5 meters.”

“A handful of miniature ceramic watermelephants I have been working on recently.”

Credits:  brightside.me

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