24 Trends Millennials Now Find Cringe-Worthy

These throwback fads will have you laughing and cringing at the same time. Picture the days of over-the-top frosted tips, neon everything, and questionable fashion choices that defined a generation.

Jeans under dresses ?.

I know the young kids have hated on millennials for their skinny jeans but mf you should have SEEN how baggy the pants were in the late 90s/early 2000s.

Frosted boy band tips. I’m not proud.

Those plastic choker necklaces and chunky highlights.

Posting albums with hundreds of photos on Facebook. Here’s every millisecond of the past weekend everyone! Enjoy!

Getting my belly button pierced ?‍♀️ my mom was right that the hole never goes away.

The trucker hats that Ashton Kutcher made famous.

Jeans so long the bottoms were just tatters. Was a weird matter of pride how destroyed your pants were.

Two polos…with both collars popped. I’m ashamed. ??‍♂️.

Lace-up low-rise pants. There is a picture of 16-year-old me wearing jeans with an orange lace-up fly that I modified myself, and it is terrible. I thought I was so cute ugh.

The long sleeve shirt under the short sleeve shirt look ?.

The body glitter fad.

Whale tail: where your thong was visible above the waistband of your low-rise jeans.

JNCO jeans. My largest pair had a 69 inch wide leg. I won an award for having the largest pant legs ever.

Facebook statuses being song lyrics about your mood. Basically we went from moody away messages, moody MySpace post, to moody Facebook post.

Sweat bands on the wrist, the chain wallet, and safety pins everywhere.

I planked at the summit of Mt kilimanjaro in 2011 when it was cool. Unfortunately it’s the only photo of me at the summit.

I remember when bib overalls were fashionable but you were lame if you actually fastened both straps. I remember my grandma calling it hillbilly air conditioning.

TYpiNg lyke DiS. What was I thinking? Thank goodness there’s no records of my communications from high school.

Puka shell necklaces or spiky hair probably.

I have a tribal tramp stamp and waxed my eyebrows so thin they’ve never been the same. Good times.

Those shiny button down shirts in bright colors like lime green that everyone wore for a while. Frosted tips. Those bowling shirts with flames on them. There was a time when I was for all intents and purposes, Guy Fieri.

Gaucho pants and those wide circle belts ?.

All the band buttons on my corduroy vans bag. I recently found it 20 years later and it’s such an artifact.

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