Put Your Visual IQ To The Test With These Intriguing Pictures!

This collection is designed to challenge your perception and analytical skills. Dive into the mystery and see how sharp your visual IQ really is!

You’ll have to stare at this photo a little longer to realize it is not two people kissing:

(The person on the right has their hand pulled up over their face.)

And, no, these are not toy cars or giant pigeons:

(They are both regular size, it is just the angle of the pic.)

This is definitely not one enormous life-size cigarette:

(it is a pole that fell over.)

And this is not a line-up of seven barstools:

(It is seven espresso martinis.)

This isn’t a triangular-shaped uncrustable:

(It is a rock.)

And this is not a massive ice cream sandwich:

(it is a mattress.)

If you’re thinking this is a great big dandelion, you’re wrong:

(It is a very aesthetically-pleasing water fountain.)

And if you’re thinking this is a great big tree that fell over, you’re also wrong:

(It is a stack of chopped logs.)

This cat does not happen to be levitating:

(It does, in fact, have all fours on the floor.)

And this is not two people embracing:

(The person is leaning their head to the right wth one arm around a pillow and the other up at their forehead.)

This sock does not have teeth:

(The liner and how it is sewed makes it look that way.)

And this coin is not transparent:

(The ring shadow just makes it look that way.)

Even though this looks like saran wrap, it is not:

(It is a sheet of ice.)

And even though this looks like a snowy mountain, it is not:

(It is ice frozen on the windshield.)

No, this isn’t a photoshopped shadow:

(It’s real! The angle is just tricking you.)

And this isn’t a photoshopped fruit:

(It’s real! I just don’t know if it is a lemon or a lime…)

This is not a man-made sheet of clouds:

(It’s a perfect formulation of clouds in a square.)

And this is not a blanket:

(It’s a perfect sheet of snow.)

This is not a fake snowflake:

(It is real!)

And this is not a tiny building…

It is a plant holder:

Source: www.buzzfeed.com

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