24 Unusual Finds On Google Earth

Delve into the unexpected, the bizarre, and the extraordinary as we showcase intriguing and offbeat discoveries that the eagle eye of Google Earth has captured across the globe.

They nicknamed this tree, coke can.

Tony Soprano’s swimming pool.

This was a rock quarry until it sprung a leak.

An impressive tribute to Otis Redding.

The alines are getting creative with their crop circles.

Remnants of a race track turned into a parking lot.

Has anyone checked on the people in this building?

Venice looks a lot like a dehydrated Patrick.

The owner of Sporting Goods has a private golf course outside his backyard.

City border in Manaos, Brazil.

I love my local library!

I found the place you were conceived at.

How do you even go about making something like this?

A massive Ram named The Big Merino.

A UFO landing in Spokane, Washington off of I-90.

The home you move to when everyone on Earth is getting on your nerves.

Looks like my lower intenstine.

A field of Pac-Men.

A nuclear testing site in Nevada.

Apparently these lines are there to make drivers slow down… I think it’d just cause more accidents.

This solar farm looks more like an art piece.

Survivor contestants caught on camera being brought to the island.

Biggest open pit mine in the world.

Frog Rock.

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