Top 5 Amazon Products Of The Day

1. A set of under-eye gels if you, like me, look like a zombie in the a.m. Whether it’s puffy eyes or dark circles (or both!), these are guaranteed to be a welcomed addition to your morning skincare routine.

2. A pet food storage container you can pack 35lbs worth of food in and guarantee it’ll stay nice and fresh for your furry friend. It’s also on wheels so you can roll it around for maximum efficiency.

3. A TikTok-famous rotating digital alarm clock that’s a little more than meets the eye; It’s also packed with two USB ports, an input port, AND a gentle wake-up alarm. Oh, the screen is also mirrored? This thing works harder than I do.

4. An adorable garden gnome to add a touch of luck and bit of whimsy, wherever you feel you need some.

5. A dimmable sad duck nightlight because sometimes you just have to look at this emotionally deflated creature on your desk and be like, “Welp. At least I’m doing better than that little dude.”

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