25 Awesome Things That Actually Exist

“The builder of this wall wrote the date that he finished it using black bricks (Surrey, UK).”

“The way the red portion of the spectrum is separated from the rest in this random hotel shower when the sunlight comes in.”

“In France, we don’t have the Tooth Fairy, but the “Little Mouse”. At the dental practice I went to, there is a door for the Mouse in the waiting room.”

“Found a Stargate in the middle of nowhere near Linz (Austria)”

“This moth that looks like a fighter jet.”

“My wife bought me this ring for our anniversary. It’s made from old computer chips. (And it glows in the dark)”

“My co-worker’s hoodie has headphones threaded through the drawstring.”

“My girlfriend bought some particular measuring spoons.”

“The Five Guy’s I was in was being run by.. five girls!”

“The white sedan gang at my apartment parking garage.”

“This bird poo looks like some limbless horror figure.”

“This tiny bead lizard I made in middle school circa 2000.”

“I ran into Jay and Silent Bob today in Seattle at the dispensary!”

“Chesspiece shadows on my brothers arm kinda look like The Simpsons.”

“This Korean snack has two notches on the bag, so you can open at the second notch for easier access in the later stages of snacking.”

“I saved $2.11 on 2.11lbs of salmon that was packaged at 2:11”

“This Stick Looks Like A Sword.”

“My uncle found a bag of volcano ash from Mount St. Helens with a note tucked in the back of one of his cupboards.”

“All the shark teeth my grandma found when she was younger that I now own!”

“A local Game shop had their bathroom floor redone in Magic The Gathering Cards.”

“My protein powder scoop is designed to sit on a lip just under the lid… so you don’t have to reach into the powder to grab it.”

“My orange looks suspiciously pumpkin-like.”

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