25 Ingenious Hacks To Protect Against Coronavirus

Australian PSA

Taking Social Distancing To New Levels

Road Maintenance Doesn’t Stop, I Made A Hand Washing Station For My Crew

Canadian Doctor Turns One Ventilator Into Multiple With Some DIY Mechanics

Art Museum, Closed Due To Virus Outbreak, Rearranged Exhibition So It Can Be Seen From Outside Day Or Night. Salo, Finland

Due To COVID-19, I’m Having To Go To All Of The Grocery Stores In My Area And Install Plastic Sneeze Guards On The Check Stands

My Work Got New Key Rings

They Took The Furniture Out Of Starbucks So People Won’t Gather Here

The Waiting Room At My Doctor’s Office Today

Playing Bingo With Social Distancing

Good Socializing Etiquette In The Era Of The Coronavirus

NZ Supermarket

Every Other Table Is Closed To Ensure Distance Between Customers And Avoid Spread Of Coronavirus

Using Toothpicks To Avoid Touching The Elevator Buttons

The Way My Local Grocery Store Started Double Wrapping Bread To Reduce The Spread Of Coronavirus

A Mobile Pickup Point In The Hospital Store Where Healthcare Staff Can Pick Up A Food Bag Specially Created For Them After Their Hard Work

He Comes To Talk To His Dad Every Day Since The Nursing Home Is On Lockdown

Someone Placing Random Hand Sanitizer Station Around In Public Places

Hand Washing Stations For The Homeless

If You Don’t Have A Stand-Up Desk At Home, This Might Be A Solution

Supermarket In Denmark Came Up With A Brilliant Pricing Trick To Stop Hand Sanitizer Hoarding

This Ad By Saudi Health Ministry “Thanks To Every Person Who Didn’t See This Ad. Stay Home”

Distancing Solution In A Danish Supermarket

Keep The Kids Busy While At Home

News Outlet In Canada Is Taping Their Microphones To Hockey Sticks To Maintain Social Distance


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