25+ Things You’ll Probably Want On Hand If You Have To Work From Home

Or as I like to call it, “Work From Couch.”

“Zinc!! I’ve been on it for 4 days. 50 mg a day. Tinnitus has decreased in intensity by 2/10”

Promising review: Zinc is incredible. I used to get sick rather easily, I’m in college so around hundreds of people per day. I heard zinc could help the immune system and I was desperate so I gave it a try. I took the white zinc pills from a drug store, which did help my immune system too, but these vitamin code zinc pills help my sleep too. My immune system is much stronger since taking this. My boyfriend and roommate recently got the flu but somehow I didn’t and I’m convinced it’s because this zinc. Give it a try!

Get it from Amazon for $14.99.


Best trashcan ever made and worth every penny

Promising review: I’ve never been so happy to spend $130 on a trash can. I literally love to throw things away now. Not to mention it’s completely DOG-PROOF which is our main reason for purchasing. Our previous metal can had a lid that was easily lifted by a dog’s nose and was therefore severely inconvenient. We had to either empty the trash or move the can outside every time we left our dogs home alone. Well, no more of that. It is also easy for our 2-year-old to open so that she can use it. The pedal is too hard for her to push but she can use her fingers to open the lid. The rectangular design is perfect for putting up against a wall. It feels very sturdy and the slow-close action of the lid is lovely. Overall I can honestly say I recommend this trash can.

Get it from Amazon for $114.50.


If you want big and muscular Popeye-sized forearms, add these to your dumbells and barrbells

Promising review: I have been a weightlifter my entire adult life. I have a 535 lb deadlift (without straps) so I thought I had good grip strength and these things humbled me. I used them one time and immediately went and bought another set for my home gym, now I use them on everything! These things made my grip strength go through the roof! They make everything harder but in a good way. I couldn’t recommend these more for anyone who wants to take their workouts to the next level!

Get it from Amazon for $79.99.


If you’re teeth are stained and yellow, this charcoal toothpaste works wonders

Promising review: Another satisfied customer here. I developed some ugly coffee stains on my two front teeth earlier this summer. I could not get them off with regular brushing and they were making me very self-conscious. I found this product and, after less than a week, the stains are completely gone. Now, I’m going to work on the yellowing of my bottom teeth. Great product!

Get it from Amazon for $9.99.


Perfect gift for your kids during the coronavirus pandemic

Promising review: We purchased this for my son for 9th birthday. The four people in our family and our dog fit in there with room to spare. It is such a great fort and packs up so small. I was worried about the coldness due to the fan, but it is not a problem at all. We threw a couple blankets in there when feeling chilly and it was perfect.

Get it from Amazon for $49.95.


1. A pour-over coffee maker you can rely on while you’re surfing shared Google docs — no muss, no fuss, and no fancy coffee gadgets busting on you and making you regret the day both you and the Starbucks mermaid were born.

Promising review: “In my effort to slow my life down, I am choosing to make coffee in smaller, more ‘hand crafted’ quantities. It’s paying off for me in a better-tasting cup of coffee … and making me slow down and take more time with life. You can actually taste the difference in this coffee maker and pot at a time coffee. I am no longer making a pot, grabbing and gulping. I am now lingering in the making and drinking which adds to the enjoyment. Bought my daughter one too, so that she will start slowing down and smelling the coffee.” —Deborah Daniel

Get it from Amazon for $19.99.


2. A roll-on migraine stick made with peppermint, spearmint, and lavender oils to help you soothe away that vague headache you sometimes get from sitting in one place for too long (Big Work From Home Mood, y’all).

Promising review: “This stuff is my go-to fix when I feel a migraine coming on. I suffer from sinus headaches and migraines usually once or twice a week. This product I put on each temple, under my nose and on my wrists when I feel the pressure starting and it cuts the pain to a minimum. It seems to stop the worst pain before it has a chance to start. Thank you for a great product! I will buy again and again!” —Brenton1985

Get it from Amazon for $10.99.


3. A lightweight breakfast tray you can prop next to you on your bed, because let’s be honest, 90% of the Gchats you’re sending your coworkers are from deep inside a mountain of your sheets.

Promising review: “I absolutely love this item. It can be used in so many different ways! It is also very sturdy and high quality. I highly recommend it. Perfect size to set your computer down and a coffee or a larger breakfast. I love it!” —Micaela

Get it from Amazon for $21.99.


4. A pack of NeuroGum made with a blend of caffeine and nootropics, designed to give you energy five times faster than regular coffee — without jitters or sluggishness afterward. That 3 p.m. WFH slump when you suddenly have the attention span of a goldfish just met its match.

Promising review: “As a medical student this has been an amazing addition to my daily study regimen. Same amazing boost as the Diet Coke and coffee I used to chug, but without the jitters, crash/headache, or teeth staining. It’s become my new go-to for staying awake and alert in the OR or on the wards. Highly recommend for anyone who needs a pick-me-up but doesn’t want that ‘wired’ sensation you get from coffee.” —R. Sardesai

Get a nine-pack with six pieces of gum each from Amazon for $21.00


5. A memory foam seat cushion for your tushy that will be a total lifesaver if you’re working away from your usual comfy office chair, and need a quick fix in the meantime.

Promising review: “This seat cushion is SO GOOD. I have had a lot of problems with pressure on my tailbone and resulting back problems, and they’ve been getting worse. I will be honest, I have only tried the old-fashioned medical donuts, so I don’t have much to compare it to. However, this cushion is nicely thick, and the cutout and contours are so perfect and they take all pressure off my tailbone. After working for a few hours, I got up and for the first time in almost a year, didn’t have pain. Normally, the pressure on my tailbone becomes pretty bad while sitting, but produces an even sharper pain upon standing. Feeling so great for the first time prompted me to buy another for work so I could keep this one at home and never be without it! Hopefully, reducing the pressure on my tailbone will also help it heal, but even being free from pain is wonderful.” —CSC

Get it from Amazon for $29.95.

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