The Coolest Things You Can Buy On Amazon That Only Look Expensive

Life is too short not to surround yourself with beautiful things… but that doesn’t mean you have to pay a lot for them!

A Rivet desk lamp that perfectly blends modern with mid-century — and oh boy, your room is going to love this for 33% off.

Price: $39.98 (originally $59.99)

2. A jewelry box with multiple compartments for rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces for 20% off.

Price: $27.19 (originally $33.99, available in two colors)

3. A laptop backpack with tons of pockets for valuables for up to 80% off. Your back-to-school style has never looked this good.

Price: $24.69+ (originally $59.99, available in 26 styles)

Promising review: “I love this bag. I’ve gotten so many compliments on this bag. When you unzip the top, a large interior is revealed with two interior pockets. I am able to fit my laptop, wallet, keys, mouse, water bottle and more. The back has a zipper that runs the length of the bag if you needed quick access to your laptop. The interior is padded, but without being too heavy. The front pocket is large and the side pockets are large enough to hold a water bottle.” —Yolanda

FYI — discounts exist on certain styles, not all!

4. An Oculus Go virtual reality headset for 20% off. Your friends and family will literally never want to leave your home — sorry in advance.

Price: $159+ (originally $199, available in two sizes)

Promising review: “I have tried pretty much every VR headset under the sun. I was eagerly awaiting the launch of Oculus Go since the day it was announced. It didn’t meet my expectations. It exceeded them! It is friction-less VR at its best. I didn’t need a laptop or have to insert a phone to get started. Oculus Go is also very comfortable to wear. Oculus has done a great job!” —Jason Scott

Price: $18.99 (originally $36.99, available in three colors)

6. A Stila eyeliner you’ll want to buy in every color for 30% off.

Price: $15.40+ (originally $22; available in nine colors and two tip types)

Promising review: “Stila is the absolute best liquid eyeliner I have ever tried. It doesn’t fade or crack and stays on through sleeping or tears. Very, very smudge proof and it does not flake AT ALL. It dries quickly and even though it is waterproof (as long as you don’t touch it excessively) it stays. It’s also easy to clean off at the end of the day. No hard scrubbing to get it off, makeup wipes will take it off easily. It’s amazing for creating perfect wings, or drawing artfully for Halloween. It’s perfect for everyday from subtle looks, to more creative and wild. I can use this eyeliner for months at a time (at least doing wings every day or so) without having to repurchase because it has dried out or was empty. Just shake before using each time, and it should last for several months, (2-5) depending on the usage daily and if it is stored/used properly.” —Chick

7. An electric slow cooker that will make making dinner SOOOO much easier for 50% off. Under $20 for a slow cooker? Sounds great to me.

Price: $15.47+ (originally $30.99 and available in four sizes and five colors)

Promising review: “I’m very happy with this purchase. I eat a lot of roasted vegetables and stews, and since it’s summer, I was looking for something that didn’t heat up the house. The size is just perfect for one person, makes about two servings of whatever I’m cooking. I also did steel cut oats in this, and they turned out super creamy. Like most slow cookers, it does heat up quite a bit on the outside and the cord is short, so be aware of where you are planning to put it. Overall, it’s a great value for such a low price. Plus, it’s very easy to clean.” —ekpt

8. A satin champagne clutch for 30% off. Yes your closet needs this.

Price: $24.50+ (originally $35 and available in six styles)

9. A faux fur throw that’ll make you feel like you’re cuddling up in Winterfell for 30% off.

Price: $20.99+ (originally $29.98; available in two sizes and three colors)

10. A wire-free Glamorise bra outfitted with lace, sheer panels, wide and padded straps to keep your girls supported, lifted, and happy all freakin’ day long — because that’s the kind of treatment they deserve — for up to 57% off.

Price: $24.13+ (originally $43.99; available in sizes 36C–48H)

Promising review: “I have tried many, many bras over the years. I tried this one on a fluke and just hoped I would not have to send it back. I can no longer stand underwire…wearing my bra for 12 to 13 hours a shift at work it just kills me after a while. I have since changed to only bras without underwire. I am large-busted and take a 42DD, so it’s not always easy to find a bra that supports too. Yes, this bra does have much more fabric than some bras. But it really supports me and is very comfortable. I feel like I am much more lifted in this bra, which is a first for me without underwire. I liked the first bra so much that I went back and purchased two more. I don’t find it any more stiff than other bras I have worn. I guess it depends on what you like and are used to. I do NOT want to feel like my bra is digging into me after 10 plus hours. This bra did not do that. I ordered my normal size and it fit great.” —DeeRN

11. A sleek spinner suitcase that’ll make you feel like you’re in first class for 30% off.

Price: $37.48+ (originally $53.54; available in five colors)

12. Stone & Beam’s stoneware vases for up to 42% off. A couple of these on your shelves or coffee table will look, *chef kisses fingers*, absolutely divine.

Price: $13.09+ (originally $18.99; available in three sizes)

13. Nourison area rugs for up to 82% off.

Get this rug for $9.75+ (up to 72% off, available in multiple sizes) and see other Nourison rugs here.

FYI — discounts exist on some sizes and rug styles, not all!

14. A coffee table with a top that lifts up and forward to transform into a working desk or elevated table for eating for up to 49% off. It also has room underneath for storage — what can’t this coffee table do?

Price: $119.99+ (originally $189.99, available in three colors)

15. A ceramic geometric planter for up to 36% off so your little, beloved plants have a stylish place to call home.

Price: $14.69+ (originally $20.99, available in three sizes and two styles)

16. An upholstered bed frame for up to 49% off so your mattress can rest someplace comfortably instead of the ground.

Price: $204.76 (originally $400, available in four sizes and two colors)

Promising review: “First off I have to say how impressed I was with the packaging. EVERYTHING is packed inside the headboard. It is easy to assemble and looks great!! I have cats who I knew would start to sharpen their claws on it and amazingly it doesn’t hardly show any damage; the fabric is TOUGH!! Well worth every penny, I have already recommended to friends and family.” —Glama Girl

FYI — the discount exists for queen and king size bed frames!

17. Jeweled sandals for up to 20% off that’ll make you want to show off you feet everywhere you go.

Price: $15.19+ (originally $18.99, available in sizes 5–11 and 11 styles)

18. Or a pair of flannel-lined moccasins with memory foam cushioning for 20% off. With these on, you’ll feel like you’re walking on literal clouds.

Price: $15.99 (originally $19.99, available in sizes 6–11 and three colors)

Promising review: “These are by far the best slippers I’ve ever bought. I am a stay at home mom and “actual” shoes aren’t always part of my days. These are absolutely perfect for what my standard day includes. They are hard-soled so I can walk around on a filthy floor (because life happens) or step outside or sweep up broken glass without the addition of ruining my feet. They are also incredibly comfortable, which is awesome but adds the fact that you WILL inevitably wear them to the store, post office, school, play date or wherever. They are also cute, which means when you do where them to the store and run into someone you can’t stand, you don’t look like a complete hot mess. Win, win, win!” —Heatherberry

19. A heavy-duty work apron for up to 21% off. It’ll come in handy for DIY projects and any kind of work that needs to be done around the house. HGTV who?

Price: $26.95+ (originally $37.95, available in three colors)

20. A set of diamond whiskey glasses for 20% off. These will up your entertaining game tenfold, so get ready for some compliments from your guests.

Price: $19.98+ (originally $24.99, available in a set of two or four, or as shot glasses)

21. A cast iron dutch oven for 20% off.

Price: $43.99 (originally $54.99)

Promising review: “What a great stock pot for soup! I love it and I can tell you that this is on par with quality. The color is gorgeous and the lid fits like a glove. It is oven-safe and makes wonderful soups and stews. Give one as a gift and buy one for yourself.” —Jill

22. A 2019-2020 monthly and weekly planner for 60% off that includes daily schedules, goal setting, weekly scoring, to-do lists, notes sections, habit-tracking and gratitude affirmations.

Price: $19.96 (originally $49.99)

FYI —the discount exits on some planners, not all!

23. A set of bath bombs so you can completely unwind for 63% off.

Price: $13.69 for a set of six (originally $36.99)

These bath bombs are made with natural clay and salt minerals, shea and cocoa butters, sunflower seed, baking soda and essential oils. They’ll soothe and hydrate your skin while you sit back and relax.

24. A 15-piece makeup brush set with a holder for 35% off.

Price: $32.49 (originally $49.99)

In total you’ll receive a powder brush, a foundation brush, an oval blush brush, a contour brush, a tongue foundation brush, a large eyeshadow brush, a middle eyeshadow brush, an angled eyeshadow brush, a blender brush, a detail eyeshadow brush, a small concealer brush, a lip brush, an angled eyebrow brush, a spiral brush, and a eyebrow comb.

25. Ross Simons 14k and sterling silver bracelets for up to 51% off.

Get the first bracelet here for $73.01 (originally $149) and the second bracelet for $34.30 (originally $49), and check out the full jewelry selection here.

26. A leather toiletry travel pouch for up to 32% off.

Price: $27.19+ (originally $39.99, available in 10 colors, deal exists on certain colors)

27. A 1.25″ curling iron with an anti-scald hot brush for 41% off. You’ll be able to get loosely tousled curls in no time.

Price: $25.36 (originally $42.99)

Promising review: “Can’t say enough about this magical device. I have straight hair and low volume. The problem is making the curl stay. This curler heats fast. My hair nicely curls on the lowest heat setting, and that’s important for busy morning when I don’t have much time to curl. It also comes with the brush attachment. I use it when i don’t feel like curling, but want a blow-dry finish.” —s4nnz

28. Or a ceramic flat iron with digital adjustable temperature for up to 53% off. It’ll give you that sleek style you’re looking for on days when you’re just way too tired of dealing with frizz.

Price: $32.90+ (originally $69.99, available in three sizes)

Promising review: “I’ve had hair straighteners for years, but this is my favorite. It has a rotating cord, so it minimizes the risk of damaging the connection and breaking. Its outer coating is smooth, and it doesn’t show scratches with the shine. It’s easy to find an appropriate temperature for your hair, minimizing the risk of creases or extra damage from a hard-to-regulate temperature. I would definitely get this again, but I suspect it’ll be in good working order for a long time coming.” —JMC

29. A set of 12-ounce wine glasses for up to 43% off. Nothing says relaxation at the end of a long day like a nice glass of red wine.

Price: $39.33 for three glasses (originally $69, available in 22-ounce glasses and champagne flutes)

30. A cold-shouldered dress up to 61% off that’ll become your go-to summer outfit. It’s the perfect option for a backyard BBQ or evening out.

Price: $15.95+ (originally $29.99, available in sizes XS—XXL and 22 styles)

Promising review: “I wear this dress at least two times a week…it’s perfect. I need it in every color. It looks like you dressed up, but are totally comfy! AND POCKETS! Every dress should have pockets. These pockets aren’t the normal small type. I can put my phone, keys, ID, and a credit card and be perfectly fine for the night. I wish I could give this a million stars!” —Sarah

31. A pair of semi rimless polarized sunglasses for 20% off. Block harsh summer rays and look stylish? Sign me up.

Price: $13.59 (originally $16.99, available in 19 styles, discount not on all styles)

Promising review: “I get compliments on these glasses wherever I go! They’re lightweight, but feel sturdy and a really cool design. I’m glad they came with a case to protect them from scratches when I’m not wearing them.” —Madelynn C.

32. Bluetooth headphones for 20% off. With these, your commute to work will be significantly better when you can drown out any and all annoying sounds.

Price: $23.98 (originally $29.98, available in four colors)

Promising review: “I bought these for my daughter but after trying them on I’m keeping for myself. It can hook up to my phone or I can use Bluetooth. They are really comfortable and great sound quality. It’s nice that I can change the song on the side of the headset, and they fold up for easy storage. They are easy to connect to Bluetooth.” —Beth Croes

33. MVMT Men’s and Women’s Watches for up to 30% off.

Check out the above watch for $80.50 (originally $115, available in four colors). To check out the full selection of watches, click here.

34. A Gaiam yoga mat for up to 40% off.

Price: $20.99+ (originally $34.99, available in 38 styles, not all styles are discounted)

Promising review: “I absolutely love this mat! It’s beautiful on BOTH sides and was just as pictured. It’s slightly thicker than I thought it would be, mainly because I am a bit cynical about the quality of anything I order offline. It was a bit slippery when I first got it, but now that I have used it a few times, I noticed it isn’t slick at all. The color and pattern does not rub off either, or at least it hasn’t so far. I have been using it for a week or so now, and I absolutely love it. I do mostly relaxing vinyasa yoga and power yoga on it, and play with a lot of inversion poses, balance poses, etc, and this mat has been just fine for all of it. I haven’t had any issues with slipping, and I feel like it has a decent amount of grip in the patterned design of the mat. I use it on hardwood floors too if that is helpful knowledge to anyone. Anyway, I love it and think it is well worth the price.” —Ashley Caldwell

35. A sideways letter necklace for 20% off.

Price: $7.51 (originally $9.39, available in all 26 letters)

36. A 20-ounce ceramic, double-insulated travel mug with a tea infuser and a silicone top for 20% off.

Price: $15.99 (originally $19.99)

Promising review: “Brew, steep, and take with you, all in the same mug. Beautiful marble-like pattern, tall (but still fits in cup holder), flexible travel lid, and a fine mesh basket for loose tea. Wonderful in all aspects. The 16-ounce size fits perfectly, even with basket, under my Keurig with the stand removed.” —C. J. Crews

37. And a French Press for 23% off.

Price: $19.21 (originally $24.95)

Promising review: “So my friends, knowing that I love coffee, got me a bag of this awesome coffee as a gift. The only thing is…I didn’t have a coffee maker at home, and never brewed my own cup of coffee, relying on K-cups and coffee shops for my java fix. So I got this, read about making coffee with a French Press, and this works nicely. There’s an instruction manual with clear instructions, so I proudly brewed my first cup of coffee…and it was delicious. The pieces come together well, with no grains escaping into my cup. The extra filters are also nice, too. I made cold brew coffee with this, and it worked out quite well (and was quite tasty).” —Lex A.S.

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