25+ Times Wedding Attire Crossed Into Tacky Territory

A compilation of unforgettable moments when wedding attire decided to take a wild detour into the land of tacky!

This bride didn’t seem to care about the groom at all.

And this groom called his bride-to-be a “hoe” in his groomsmen invitations.

This couple sent “invites” telling people they weren’t invited, but that they should “contribute to [their] trip fund” anyways.

And this couple actually went through with their weird, insensitive, police-themed wedding decor.

This couple had their child wear this weird, misogynistic sign while walking down the aisle at their wedding.

This couple not only had the groom wear a literal ball and chain, but the bride also kissed every single male guest at the wedding.

This couple somehow thought this wedding cake topper was charming.

Though this one — outside a small tent for the bride and groom — managed to be far, far, far worse.

This condom corsage is making me want to go back to 30 seconds ago, when I didn’t know it existed.

Shotgun shell boutonnieres are (I guess) better than condom corsages, but not by much.

This couple had a Confederate flag cake.

The caption to this reads: “Went to a wedding where the ordained minister dressed up in a rabbi costume and made antisemitic jokes.”

This wedding also apparently gave out gun-shaped soaps as favors.

Source:  www.buzzfeed.com

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