28 Chilling Facts That Keep You Up At Night

“A lone pilot was flying in Australia in 1978. He reported to air traffic control that he was accompanied by an aircraft above him. When asked to identify the aircraft, he replied “It isn’t an aircraft”. His plane disappeared, and was never to be found again.”

“The sun will someday die.”

“Space is so big our minds literally can’t comprehend the size of it”

“When you have scurvy, all your old scars and wounds open up, due to the vitamin needed to maintain scar tissue. “

“A Gamma-Ray-Burst in Space can release more Energy then the Sun in the whole Lifetime produces”

“About 153,000 people die on your birthday.”

“The “snow” used in the Wizard of Oz was white asbestos.”

“If you get water between your contact lens and your eye and don’t clean it for a long period of time, there’s a chance some form of bacteria can get into your eye and will eat away your vision until it’s gone. “

“You have a higher chance of dying to a swarm of bees than of winning the lottery”

“There exists creatures in this world that possess hemotoxic venom. Bursting red blood cells, causing organ damage and hemorrhaging as well as necrotising the area surrounding the bite. That’s right, animals that possess venom that causes the bite site to die.”

“You have the ability to bite through your tongue but you brain is stopping you.”

“People are capable of exacting horrific pain and suffering upon each other, for absolutely no reason whatsoever.”

“We all have mites in our eyelashes”

“At roughly 1100 degrees Fahrenheit a body takes 2-4 hours to be ash.”

“Cockroaches have been recorded eating human flesh, both living and dead, as well as fingernails, eyelashes, feet, and hands. The American cockroach and German cockroach are more likely to bite humans than other species.”

“If you stifle a sneeze there’s a chance you can damage organs in your head, including eye blood vessels, rupturing your eardrums, and possibly rupture a brain aneurysm. Which means there’s a small chance stifling a sneeze can kill you. “

“If you live to age 70 you will have shed around 105 pounds of skin.”

“There was a speech made for Apollo 11 if they were to die on the moon.”

“That very distinct “vacuum smell” (like that smell from the content you vacuumed up) comes from dead skin cells.”

“Tarantulas can swim.”

“Roach are natural burrowers. They also can’t walk backwards. There have been cases where they burrow into people’s ears but cannot get themselves out.”

“Bootes void. Massive area of space where around 2000 galaxies should be, but only 60 are. No one knows why.”

“In 2015, a young woman began to have headaches. They discovered that she had a brain tumor, and when the doctors removed it, they were shocked to see that it was a lump resembling skin that contained bone, teeth, and hair.”

“Some species of spiderlings eat their mothers alive “

“Disneyland has a big problem with ashes. So many people were spreading ashes of their loved ones, that Disney had to buy a special vacuum cleaner that cleans away human ashes. “

“When you happen to be murdered there is only an about 40% chance that your murderer will be found and punished.”

“One day, years after you’re dead, the last person alive with a memory of your existence will have thought of you for the very last time.”

“You might feel like the healthiest person in the world and yet still randomly die in your sleep. Sudden arrhythmic death syndrome is just one example. There are tons of small obstructions and irregularities that your heart could be suffering from that go completely unnoticed by you, your friends, and your doctors. You might be at an increased risk of just passing on when you go to bed tonight, and no one would even suspect as much until you actually died.”

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