25 Unusual GIFs That Will Make You Say Wow

“Fake air vent built into a bunker in Normandy. Grenade surprise!”

“Gee’s golden langur. Researchers have said that this monkey works hard to avoid human interactions, making them extremely difficult to observe in the wild”

“Microsoft Windows 1995 Launch Party”

“This is a copper sulfate crystal. It took me 1 month to grow, and it’s my best one so far.”

“Planting trees after a wildfire”

“Approached by a mountain goat at the summit of Bridger Range”

“Stingray trapping its prey using aquarium glass”

“This narrow gauge railway in Slovakia is the only railway which passes through the middle of a soccer stadium.”

“Small air bubbles”

“The shockwave from mortar round.”

“This pen is secretly a gun”

“Flashlight with the power of 60,000 lumens”

“Spinning a skateboard wheel at 400 mph”

“This animation shows the binary black hole system of OJ 287. Every 12 years, the smaller black hole punches through the accretion disk of the larger black hole and results in a flash of light that is over a trillion times brighter than the sun.”

“Found this Tec-9 while magnet fishing”

“A Sugar Glider shows the beauty of an excellent glide from height and a perfect landing”

“Transformation of a duck”

“Cubans keeping their kids from burning up amid heat wave and power cuts”‘

“Drug dealers in Brazil put vegetable oil on asphalt to prevent special forces from advancing”

“The display behind the truck shows the front so that you can decide to overtake it…”

“Dog corrects pup’s behaviour towards the owner”

“Single brain cell looking for connections”

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