42 Interesting Things You Don’t See Everyday

“The view from the balcony of my old apartment before a storm hit Singapore, November 6, 2020.”

“If you didn’t know, in Nantes, France, there’s a walking elephant made out of wood.”

“A parrot on a guy’s shoulder while riding a motorcycle”

“This Forrest Gump picture on this rear windshield that waves when the rear windshield wiper is turned on”

“A friend visiting from overseas and a bartender in town have the same tattoo.”

“I just found a penny from 1909 at the bottom of my purse.”

“I found a Smurf house while biking today.”

“My default router password described my rare birthmark.”

“A nice orange sunset over the Andes in Santiago, Chile”

“I found my sister’s doppelgänger at the Coldplay concert in Gothenburg.”

“My sister, another sister, and parents accidentally bought me the same birthday card.”

“My girlfriend and I both took pictures from the same angle at the same show… 3 years before we met each other.”

“I found a triple banana.”

“My daughter got a book in the discarded book pile at her high school that my wife and my wife’s mom also checked out in high school.”

“My hand had a million small holes after a day working construction in the rain.”

“Only half of the tree is getting wet and it has been raining for hours.”

“Found this behemoth of a chip in my bag of Takis Waves.”

“A chicken riding a skateboard in front of KFC”

“My prescription sunglasses are like half an inch thick.”

“A hot air balloon of a Big Mac meal”

“The light coming through the window made a 1.”

“We figured out how to do a simultaneous triple thumb war.”

“USB compatible rock”

“Huge butterfly found in Stockholm, Sweden”

“Found this handprint on a tree.”

“This statue kind of looks like Mark Zuckerberg.”

“These ‘virtually indestructible’ totes collapsing under their own weight.”

“Heard something dripping in the kitchen and found my watermelon had deflated.”

“I’m staying in a Scottish village called Dull. It’s paired with Boring, Oregon.”

“My hotel room had a Ronald Mcdonald statue in it (Hyatt Regency Chicago).”

“Starch lines above the water make up the exact 2D outline of the potatoes below.”

“Generations of bunnies have worn a perfect groove in my neighbor’s fence.”

“In 2015 Mike Tyson was on the same commercial flight as me.”

“Wingsuit I found at a thrift shop.”

“Walmart shipped a 90lb kettlebell with no packaging at all to my home.”

“The view in my Airbnb looks like a painting.”

“My dog left a perfect snoot print on my dress.”

“The way these water droplets collected on the edge of my strawberry plant.”

“I cut open a 10 year old rubber band ball and found that it had fused together.”

“My friends chicken sometimes lays green eggs.”

“My water bottle is a flat rectangle.”

“Me at the same ice cream shop in Poland ten years apart.”

Source: brightside.me

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